Mens underwear panties what feels good to you?

When it comes to mens underwear panties sometimes we need to choose between fashion and comfort. To me the most comfortable designs are bikinis. Bikinis are very sexy and they are comfortable. My choice in mens underwear panties are almost always spandex Lycra designs. I enjoy the swimwear styles the best because the bulge shape in mens swimwear on many designs is just about perfect. For beach use I aways go micro g-string but the issue with these tiny sexy suits is they are not as comfortable to wear all day long. I work out daily and wear a thong to the gym. Funny how I am always making new friends in the locker room.

My favorite designer is Michael David of Koalaswim mens swimwear, fetish spandex, panties and sex Lycra. I have included a description of one of their designs along with a photo of a suit coming out soon. Most of their designs can be used as mens underwear panties


Shy Slut

The Shy Slut micro is the perfect answer to
anyone that might be close to a beach that doesn’t allow nude sunbathing or is
clothing optional, but still wants to get out there and enjoy the sun, sand and
surf. The original Slut G-string works out great for guys, but has a tendency
to slip just enough to show off some of the skin from your cock. Most beaches
won’t allow you to wear items that reveal your cock in any way, so the Shy Slut was created to handle that
little issue by having an extra flap of fabric that you could pull up to hide
that area that slips.

With the Shy Slut, you can pull that piece of
fabric up and walk around the beach all you want without having to worry about
the lifeguards or police tossing you off the beach because you are showing some
skin they don’t think is appropriate. When you are on a private or clothing
optional beach, you can flip that piece of fabric down and reveal to the world
what a real micro G-string looks like and how sexy you are while wearing it out
in the sun.

One of the
best things about the Shy Slut is the
fact that you can get one of the best looking tans that you could ever have
without being completely naked in the process. has done
everything they can possibly do to make you look as sexy as you know you are
without compromising quality or jacking up the price like other sites tend to
do. You can see that in the Shy Slut when you put it on that first time. This
is one of the most comfortable and reasonably priced micros on the market, and
everyone that tries it on will understand why this is a winner.





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