Mens underwear panties going extreme micro

One of the best thing about putting together a collection of mens underwear panties is how many designs there are to choose from. My mens underwear panties collection is huge and it ranges from styles like Speedos, I love the feel of spandex so most of my underwear panties are made of spandex Lycra fabric. From Speedos I drop down to bikinis, Brazilians, thongs, G-strings and than I have all the above in different pouch styles from ultra micro and fem style pouches to amazing male enhancement pouches which make my equipment look larger than it really is. This is usually done with th use of a hidden adjustable interior cock strap which goes around the very base of the penis below the balls and shaft and pushes everything forward. This fills the pouch and on some designs it looks like the pouch will just about explode, a very hot looking visual  on the beach. Needless to say putting together my huge collection of mens underwear panties has been my favorite hobby. How many hobbies give you sexual stimulation too? I always give a plug to my favorite manufacture mens swimwear, fetish wear spandex sex wear and more. Their suits a beautifully made in the USA and their site is full of hot models showing off everything! I mean 18 and older to view it!


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Penis shaped mens underwear panties

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