New mens underwear panties designs just added!

Mens underwear panties, just the words get me aroused. I love wearing special mens underwear panties and my guess is that if you found us you are into them too. I love all sorts of designs but my favorites are the micro pouch, fem wear and cock wear sex style Mens underwear panties. Most of the ones I wear are from Their link is Mens swimwear. They just added a bunch of Mens underwear panties including cock exposing suits, male to female transformation designs and a number of Mens underwear panties with anal inserts. The thing I love most about Koala is how they show off their models wearing the designs. Nothing is blacked out or fuzzy. If a design exposed the cock it is exposed and if the model wearing the suit shows how it is used either with anal plugs, hooks, dildos or hard cocks all this is shown too. They are all about the mans body as a work of art and beauty and that is hard to argue with.


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