Mens underwear panties, feminine men and male chastity

I love mens underwear panties, the feel the look and the fit. Wearing mens underwear panties makes me feel special, sexy and yes it turns me on. Mens underwear panties are visually very exciting and the idea of feminine is a turn on to many men and women. I had a girlfriend who loved me to wear her panties, she also got me into male chastity, well she forced me into it but I was to some degree willing. It is interesting that many people who are into mens underwear panties are also into male chastity. I love having my panties torn off and replaced by a cock cage. At times I am forced to show it to other men and women. There are times when I am forced to have anal sex while wearing my cock cage. It is growing on me. My girl loves to watch and bark out orders.


Very cool site for mens underwear panties, extreme mens swimwear and a growing line of male chastity products is I included a photo in this post of the unit I just ordered. male chastity cock cage