Mens Underwear Panties Provide Comfort

Mens Underwear Panties

Mens Underwear Panties Provide

There comes
a time when every guy needs to look into wearing mens underwear panties so they
can find out just how comfortable they can be. Most men will refuse to use
anything that doesn’t bring them some kind of comfort and these panties are no
different. In fact, a lot of guys that are probably going to consider wearing
something like this will end up making them a laughing stock among their
friends. That would cause just about any man to give up the thought of even
purchasing them in the first place.

Once you try
on your first pair of mens underwear panties you are going to find out that
they are probably the most comfortable underwear options you have ever tried.
Sometimes that is all that is needed to hook a guy into wearing this type of
underwear all the time and have him throw out all of his other underwear. But
there are still men that are going to completely forget about wearing items of
this kind and continue to wear their traditional underwear and living their
boring old lives like they always have been. But trying something new once in a
while can be very adventurous if you can handle it. Besides, no one even has to

Mens Underwear Panties

Pleasure of Wearing Mens Underwear Panties

Are you into wearing Mens underwear panties? We are! Would you like to check out the world’s hottest mens swimwear, spandex fetish wear, Lycra sex wear, male chastity and so much more!

It’s not uncommon these days to find many men that
enjoy wearing mens underwear panties.
This practice actually began many years ago but has only in recent years begun
to pick up and come out into the open more. There will always be men that wear
panties in secret and that’s up to them. However, there doesn’t seem to be that
much of a taboo attached to this as it used to be. Men from all walks of life
are now participating in wearing various styles, colors and designs of these
panties that are made just for them.

One of the most common misconceptions about joining
in the fashion of wearing mens underwear
is that only gay men engage in this. That couldn’t be further from
the truth. While many gay men may, indeed, wear panties, they’re certainly not
the only ones to do so. It may unsettle you a bit to glance at that
well-dressed man leading the business meeting you’re attending and wonder if
he’s wearing a pair of sexy panties under that business suit. Consider that the
foreman on a construction site just might be sporting a pair of silky panties
under his manly jeans. Maybe the professor of your college class is enjoying a
pair of lacy thongs under his dress slacks. You see, there’s just no way to be
sure who is wearing mens underwear

The really amusing factor in all of this is that the
men you might instantly THINK are wearing panties are usually not the ones that
ARE wearing them. Those guys may be wearing sexy underwear, but they’re most
likely not panties of any variety. On the other hand, the men that you’re sure
would never wear anything like panties are probably the ones that are. It’s
impossible to know for sure without asking, and just how many people are going
to walk up to a man and ask him a question like that? Not very many, as it can
mean many different and unfavorable reactions; even a possible trip to the
emergency room.

Something else about mens underwear panties besides the comfort and pleasurable feeling
they provide is the fun they can also bring to couples. Anyone who is a fan of
the comedy series, Friends, may remember the episode where Phoebe and her
boyfriend traded underwear. He wore her panties and she wore his jockeys.
Ladies’ man, Joey, was quite outspoken regarding this situation until he
decided to try on some panties of his own. He got so caught up in how great
they felt, that he was exploring the idea of expanding his horizon into the
area of wearing panty hose. In the end, he realized that he probably shouldn’t
continue wearing these panties because of the direction they were taking him.
Poor Joey. He had only just begun to explore the tip of the pleasure iceberg
when it comes to mens underwear panties.

The point is that many couples find it a bit fun and
kinky to trade underwear on occasion. She goes off to work wearing his boxers
or whatever, and he enjoys his day wearing her silky bikini panties. The best
part is that they’ll be thinking about each other all day and what they’re
wearing underneath their normal daily clothes. Believe it or not, this can be a
very exciting way to spend the day, not to mention the excitement that’s
waiting as soon as they both get back home at the end of the day. They probably
won’t even wait until after dinner to view each other in their switched

There are many men that like to wear mens underwear panties because their
partner likes to see them wearing a particular style of panties. In
heterosexual couples, it can even be a part of a cross dressing scenario. Many
women like for their men to dress in women’s clothing as a part of role playing
or maybe even a lifestyle. Some of these women even like to do the dressing up,
which means that they’ll pick out all of the clothing items the men will wear.
One of the most important items is panties. This can take more than just a
couple of minutes when it comes to selecting just the right pair to match the
rest of the outfit.

underwear panties
can also play a huge part in the lives
of gay men. These are usually the men that have discovered just how amazing
that panties feel in comparison to mens boxers, briefs or jockey shorts. Now,
that’s not to say that mens ordinary underwear isn’t comfortable. In fact, many
women have taken to wearing their mens boxers or even buying pairs of their
own. It’s just that panties seem to have a very different effect when worn.
They’re made from such sexy and sensuous materials as silk, lace, and you can’t
forget Spandex. Now, men can also have underwear made from these materials, but
since women had the market cornered on them first, men were forced to do a
little intimate apparel shopping in the women’s section. It’s great that they
can now buy their own mens underwear

If you’re a man that has recently crossed over into
the world of wearing panties, you’re probably interested in learning where you
can get some pairs without causing you any public embarrassment. It’s not
always fun having to shop in such places as Frederick’s of Hollywood and
Victoria’s Secret if you’re a man and you’re buying panties. However,
Frederick’s was one of the first women’s kinky lingerie companies to realize
that men were also buying women’s intimate apparel and started making larger
size designs that would fit any men that might want to wear them. These larger
clothing items included mens underwear

If you live in a larger city or near a larger city,
there may be some specialty shops for larger women that will also cater to men.
There are even some privately owned shops of this type that will allow you to
make personal appointments outside of regular store hours. You can make an
appointment and shop in total privacy aside from the store owner who will be
there to assist you in making selections. In addition, the items you purchase
can be delivered to your home or you can take them with you. Some shops will
allow you to order something that you may like and that they may not have in
your size. Living near a shop like this can be a dream come true for guys that
want to wear mens underwear panties.

In the event that you don’t live near any shops of
this kind, there are other ways that you can find the apparel that you
seek.  One of these is to plan a trip to a
city where there are shops of this type. You can take your partner with you or
go there alone. Either way, you can find the items that you want to buy. Going
to another city is great way to remain anonymous in case you don’t want to run
into anyone that you know. However, a shopping expedition of this kind can turn
into somewhat of an expensive venture. You don’t need to worry, though. There
is another way to shop for mens
underwear panties
without sacrificing your privacy or spending money that
you may not be able to afford.

When you’re ready to go on your shopping spree for
mens panties, all you really need is access to a computer and the Internet.
Since most homes have at least one computer these days, one of the easiest,
fastest and most convenient methods of shopping is through online websites. The
best part about this is that there are so many mens specialty websites to
choose from when you’re ready to start browsing to find the panties that are
most suitable for you. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these
websites to choose from, and it can take you days, weeks or even months to go
through all of them, unless you want to start off with the top mens specialty

When you’re ready to purchase some mens underwear panties and you don’t
want to waste your time with low quality, expensive websites, then you need to
go directly to the top one of its kind. That website is and it is
the home of some of the highest quality, sexy, and affordable specialty mens
wear that you’ll find anywhere. Your privacy is guaranteed when you order items
from this site.

So that you know a bit of what to expect from, it may be useful for you to understand the background of this
website and how it came into being. This is the website that showcases the mens
swimsuit, thongs, G-strings and fetish wear styles of professional designer Michael
David. When Michael was a teenager, he was introduced to a men’s Speedo
swimsuit by his neighbor. From the moment he slipped that sensuous Spandex
material onto his body and captured the feeling of it against his skin, he knew
what he would be doing with the rest of his life. Michael started to design
Spandex items for men such as swimsuits and garments similar to mens underwear panties.

One of the things that Michael knew from the
beginning is that he wanted to use Spandex and Lycra to turn his designs into
real garments. When he had decided upon the fabric he would be using, he then set
about putting his fascinating mind to work designing the garments he was
visualizing. Michael could see in his mind’s eye the way his creations would
encase certain areas of a man’s physique. So he started on his path of
transferring these designs from ideas in his head into Spandex reality.

When Michael had some of his designs created, tested
and ready to sell, he needed a website where he could do that. Therefore, was created. While he may specialize more in mens swimwear, there
are plenty of items that can be worn as mens
underwear panties.
This includes some really hot thongs and G-strings that
men can wear underneath any of their outer clothing. This outer wear includes
dress pants, suit pants, shorts, jeans and even certain swimsuits. Whatever you
happen to be wearing on the outside, Michael’s mens panties will work perfectly
to wear underneath them.

Another bit of interesting information regarding is that every design that Michael creates is personally tested by
him before he releases it for sale on the website. If there’s anything about
one of his designs that he doesn’t like or feels isn’t 100 percent correct,
he’ll take it back and start all over again, working on it until he feels the
design is totally perfect. None of Michael’s designs are flawed in any way.
That’s the personal guarantee that he offers with each of his creations. If,
for any reason, you aren’t happy with a purchase you make from,
simply contact customer support and they’ll help you resolve it. This includes mens underwear panties.

Michael stands behind each and every one of the
designs he sells on He’s proud of what he has to offer men that
want to take a classy walk on the wild side. Those are the very men that will
go in search of Michael’s quite unique and erotic designs. Men that enjoy
living a little outside of the box will always derive immense pleasure from the
garments available at So if you feel that you’re a man of
individuality, visiting this website is going to make your day. You’ll find
precisely what you’re looking for and, most likely, a bit more than you
bargained for.

Searching for mens
underwear panties
can be quite a lot of fun or it can be frustrating,
depending on how hard it is to find what you’re looking for. Some men like
different styles, colors and fabrics, and there’s no guarantee that each man is
going to find the perfect panties for them. However, if you’re one of these
discerning men that like a particular type of panty, you will want to visit Michael David has an innate understanding of what men like and
he’s taken that understanding and turned it into some of the most amazing styles
for menswear that you’ll ever come across.

underwear panties
come in all styles, sizes, colors and
shapes. What you choose is completely up to you. Michael David’s creations lean
in the direction of appealing to men that are fit and want to show off what
they’ve got to their partners and anyone that they’re trying to attract.
Another thing you need to remember regarding Michael’s designs is that it’s all
made to entice and seduce. So you need a certain amount of confidence in order
to carry off the garments you’ll find at If you’re a little out
of shape, that’s ok because you’ll probably still fit into the mens underwear panties sold at this
website. However, if you get a good look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll most
likely be encouraged to start on a fitness program that will have you looking
as hot in these designs as they’re meant to.

If you’re a little short of money but you really
want something new and pretty, is still the place that you’ll
want to visit over all others. Michael has kept his prices quite affordable so
that all men will have the money to enjoy his creations. He doesn’t scrimp on
the quality of his designs, either. You still get top quality whether you’re
buying mens swimwear or mens underwear panties.
Michael isn’t blind to the trend of the current economy so he keeps his
prices to a level where it’s not just rich men that can buy and revel in his
garments. Men from all walks of life are able to visit, select
the items they want and then afford to purchase those items.

Something else that may interest you is the
anonymity that’s provided through Whatever items you order is
discreetly shipped to you and packaged so that even your mail carrier won’t be
able to tell what you’ve ordered or where you ordered it from. Therefore, you
can confidently order your mens
underwear panties
and not worry about anyone knowing, unless, of course,
you decide to tell them. This is something you may be sorely tempted to do
because the items that Michael creates are so amazing that you might decide to
share them with other guys that you know who will want to buy some, too.

With all of these wonderful aspects to, why would you ever want to look anywhere else for your mens intimate
apparel and swimwear items? When you choose to shop at this website you get
quality, uniqueness, erotic items, all at prices that you can afford. That’s
why there’s no reason to ever try another specialty website of this type. As
long as you’ve got this site to return to for your mens underwear panties, you’ll always have a good variety of them.